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/pol/ was right all along

/pol/ was right all along

But Steven Universe rips shit off other stuff all the fucking time. Remember the Utena ''homage''?

reuniclusjelly: I’ve never watched magical girl utena. is it good?

either way it’s not just a SU thing it’s an everything thing

I’ve even seen pokémon compared to Madoka, how

People go apeshit over Utena and pretty much anything else that Kunihiko Ikuhara directs. Honestly, I’m surprised there isn’t a rivalry between Madoka and Penguindrum since they came out in the same year and could be regarded as “edgy” in some way.

People are actually getting bent out of shape about Paul Robertson being hired to do pixel art for Gravity Falls because of his gore stuff in the past? That’s pretty fucking hilarious. I mean, just how delusional do you have to be to think that everyone involved in the animation/comic industry have only been drawing “safe” or “public friendly” pieces from the day they picked up a pen? If one is going to protest or boycott GF over that, then they would also need to stop watching a fuckton of other shows for similar reasons. Dr. Suess did a lot of military propaganda shit during World War II, some of which were a far cry away from being “politically correct”. Kiyohiko Azuma drew futanari, straight shota, and quite a bit of Eva hentai before Azumanga Daioh was even a thing. Hell, Lauren Faust did a voice over on a short where the jokes ran on 420 BLAZE IT as a punch line and J. G. Quintel’s short he did in college that became the basis for some of the characters (Mordecai and Benson) in Regular Show involved two gas station employees tripping acid on night shit. Also, Osamu Tezuka drew furry porn.

If the people getting their panties in a bunch over a one-shot artist who has no influence on any other aspect or episode in the show, if they knew about half the shit their favorite artists did outside of their work, they would go fucking mental.





Usagi “what is the emotion of surprise and bewilderment?” Tsukino

I’m so glad I dropped this like almost everything else I watched this season (which admittedly wasn’t much).


The emotional castration of Mamoru continues with no end in sight.

But at the same time, I’m morbidly curious



This Wednesday it is highly likely that I am going to beat Mario 3 using only my feet, this therefore raises a few points.

  • This will possibly be the first time someone has ever done this.
  • I will need to start playing another game, so which should it be?

I’d love as many people to tune in as possible to see what could potentially be the first time Mario 3 gets beaten using an official DDR setup (solo/foam pads with an A and B button above the L/R arrows don’t count for obvious reasons).

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That then ties into my next point, I’d like to know which of the above 3 games you’d want me to play next, give me a reblog with your answer to help share this post around and give me an idea of what you all want!

Other than that, thanks everyone who has decided to follow me so far and I’ll see you all at 9am EST on Wednesday.


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Kirby’s Adventure


"The Bone Spy"


"The Bone Spy"